We are a fluid organism. A mechanism for the body without organs to exist, a way for us to shatter the status quo. The status quo is the delineation of the artist and the art work, the artwork and the viewer. Why do we want to do this? The need to inculcate and imbibe the culture of openness, the possibility of offering multiple possibilities to a way of life that exists within and outside this status quo. The duality of such an experience is what we desire. Is what we wish to do. It is what makes NYHA a collective without a unified body, space or geographical location. There are no boundaries to how and where we work, there are no lines drawn between the artists and the viewers. Ask yourself this – What if you walked into an exhibition and became the exhibition itself? Ponder over the convoluted notion of the idea. If it is confusing, we have begun to exist. We are only a collective bound by our minds, minds which we cannot detach from the bodies, but we exist outside of it in any form. As a physical show, an online exhibition, an Instagram story, a twitter hashtag, as a phone number, a website, a postcode or none of it. We are everyone and everything always. We are an event, we are the happening. We also make these statements in the foolish hope that we understand what any of this means. We do not. Or maybe we do. But we sure as hell intend to go through the experience with everyone. With artists that we work with, with spaces and people, with theories and issues. The collective WE begins to disintegrate as we assume one identity. Or no identity at all. Don’t bother with the pronouns, it is irrelevant. The status quo becomes our enemy. A state of permanence is an uncomfortable position to be in. We don’t know better. We are NOTHING. Our name is meant to start a conversation like an itch at the back of your mind that refuses to leave. Or not do anything. We are the in-between. We exist just before we happen or after.


Vishal Kumaraswamy, Anni Katrin Elmer, Maximilien Lebaudy & Ben Lansky